Packaging and Assembly

From peel and reseal packaging to a wide range of options for cheese slices, shredded varieties, deli bars and more, our cheese wrapping and packaging services are customized to the needs of our customers. At our facility in Ohio, we provide high-quality packaging and assembly services that ensure the integrity and consistency of all the products we provide.

Innovative Packaging

Biery works with customers to design innovative and competitive packaging options that are designed to accommodate concerns for product safety and ensure convenience. We believe that the right packaging is crucial to the efficiency and profitability of the products we provide. We help customers identify their specific needs and determine the best packaging options to make their cheese products enjoyable at any occasion, from the kitchen to on-the-go. To develop these consumer-driven solutions, our R&D team works closely with trusted packaging materials manufacturers.

Partner With Biery

From bulk varieties to single-serve pouches, Biery provides consistent, cost-effective packaging and assembly services. We customize our processes to the needs of our customers and ensure that we’re providing the exact quantities they need and the reliable services they trust. Our partnership helps customers keep up with consumer demands while staying on schedule and on budget.

Ensuring Quality Products


Our SQF Level 3 certified (USDA, USDA Organic, Military and FDA inspected and approved) facilities help guarantee the quality of our products. From following rigorous food safety standards to having quick recall programs and cross-dock and inventory management systems in place – our packaging and assembly services meet high standards for food safety and allow for the efficient production and delivery of our products. These standards and efficiencies ensure our customers protect their bottom-line.