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Custom Food Service

Co-packing, retail solutions, innovative packaging.

Biery Cheese, in its long history has remained at the forefront of innovation and customer service. We have evolved along with the tastes and desires of customers and the retail market, allowing us to continue to provide top quality products and packaging. In addition to processing and packaging cheese, Biery Cheese will work directly with retailers to provide solutions for your customers. Your product will be in demand and available to customers with the use of our inventive packaging and in-house shipping.

Retail Solutions

Our dedicated team of experienced retail experts will plan and implement creative solutions, including product line-ups, unique display solutions, and beautiful packaging for customers. Our goal is your success. We want your customers to keep them coming back form more! Our store designs are customized and unique for each retail partner, guaranteeing each and every dairy or deli section we work on blends seamlessly with your customers’ shopping experience. Our product options include Biery branded and store labels, making your dairy or deli case diverse to ensure customers will find what they’re looking for.

Innovative Packaging

Our strength lies in providing innovative solutions for cheese packaging that fit perfectly within your store’s allotted space for cheese. Way back in 1990, Biery Cheese produced the now-familiar slice shingle packages with a re-sealable zipper closure that provided the foodservice industry with a cost effective and efficient package that consumers loved. This is now known as P.C.S.S., or Portion Controlled Sliced Shingle.

Today, our packaging ranges from large deli-style chunks to the smallest fancy shred, ensuring your customers will always find just what they want. Our cheeses for retail are available as Portion Controlled Sliced Shingle, which can be separated by interleave paper or not. Also, our re-sealable, gusseted bags are available for both shredded and cubes of cheese, allowing maximum convenience for customers. We can work with you to determine the best possible products for your space, and customize our packaging and sizes to suit your needs.

Since the 1970’s, our sister company, Apollo Sky, has shipped our cheese with utmost care and safety. Our fleet of trucks includes trailers that are inspected and sanitized with each and every shipment, and all trailers are sealed or locked upon departure, ensuring your shipment maximum freshness and quality upon arrival at your location. Biery Cheese products, together with Apollo Sky shipping solutions, provide you with competitive prices combined with timely delivery.